The festival's Daytime Village has showcased up-and-coming performers since 2013. The iHeartRadio festival will return to the T-Mobile Arena this year for the second time, while the Daytime Village will remain at the nearby Las Vegas Village for the time being. The event will be shown as a CW special once again this year. Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas Village takes place from September 29 to October 1 this year.

This year, the SiriusXM Country Music Awards, featuring some of the biggest stars in country music, will be held in Las Vegas. Eric Church, Jason Aldean, Big & Rich, Jake Owen, Maren Morris, and many more will perform on two stages throughout this year's festival.

Best Music Festivals

Since 2011, the iHeartRadio festival in Las Vegas has included some of the genre's greatest names.

The Luxor, MGM Grand, and New York

New York resorts all offer complimentary shuttle service to and from the Mandalay Bay. Lockers for storing your valuables and charging your phone will be available for rent as well. In Quebec, it's the middle of August. After a hectic summer festival season, the weather has already begun to cool. Visitor from all over the world practice their French on board Holland America's Maasdam with the locals. When the sounds of drums and bagpipes approach from a distance, it's clear that a music festival is taking place...

  • A parade's spectacle and music are usually a hit with kids and adults alike;
  • Military bands from all over the world.

Including Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic, and all throughout Canada, are advertised on the banners that line the streets. Quebec City's annual Military Band Festival, which has taken place in August for nearly a decade, will once again feature military bands from across the world during this parade.

Art and music

In addition to the music, there was also a lot of art to be found during the festival.

The Belgian Royal Navy Band

Following night's sit-down Grand Concert featured the Belgian Royal Navy Band and Quebec 22nd Regiment Band. Songs from the countries and cultures of the bands, both popular and classical, were included in the program, as were songs performed by over 100 musicians at once. Some musicians even displayed their singing prowess during the performance. The festival's annual Grand Concert, which features a different lineup each year, would be difficult for small wiggle worms to sit through.

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The Quebec City Military Tattoo

The Quebec City Military Tattoo, which was hosted at the Pepsi Colosseum the following night, was the festival's centerpiece and a favourite pick for families. An nightly performance of military drills for amusement is what a tattoo is, according to definition. To find new ideas for this show, the artistic director traveled to the world's most famous tattoo parlors, including Edinburgh, Scotland, where he found inspiration to bring back to Quebec.

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Marching music of many kinds

Including dance and multimedia shows, were performed by musicians of all ages and nationalities. In a beautifully choreographed tribute to the Inuit people of Northern Canada, rangers employed as emergency police in sparsely populated areas joined female traditional throat singers. For me, this was the most exciting part of the show because there was no band involved.

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