Families love the Tattoo

Families love the Tattoo because of the high-energy shows and because of its association with Expo Quebec, Quebec's version of the state fair, which is set up every year immediately next to the Pepsi Colosseum in downtown Toronto. Families can enter the Expo for free on the day of the Tattoo with their free admission tickets. Until the show starts, enjoy the rides, animals, and cultural exhibitions. They'll keep you busy all day.

Eddie Festival brings people together for music, memories, and fun.

A special occasion serves to honor a much-loved musician. Eddie Lakata was well-known, and everyone who knew him had a story to tell. It was Phil Schuyler's ukelele-playing late-night shows with Lakata in 1994, while the rest of the band was dismantling the gear, when he would get behind the bar and play AC/DC songs that he remembers most fondly. Schuyler recently stated that it was a huge hit with the audience.

Something about him

It was perhaps the most unique person I've ever met," Schuyler said. There was something about him that attracted people to him. He treated everyone as if they were his best friends, regardless of how long they had known him. In 2013, a car struck and murdered Lakata as he rode his bicycle to his tent on Caroga Lake. He was only 22 years old. He had reached the age of 55.

Festival of Music for the Whole State

This year's festival is co-sponsored by Alaska State Arts Alliance and First National Bank of Anchorage and will be held at West Anchorage High School in 2021 State Championship participation has deadlines and forms that must be completed

Statewide Music Competitions for All Genres Handbook of Musical Instruments for the Years 2021-2022 All-State Music Festival Memo 2021; All-State Festival Format 2021; All-State Band Selected Participant List TBD by audition; All-State Mixed Choir Selected Participant List TBD by audition; All-State Orchestra Selected Participant List TBD by audition;

The Wisconsin Dells Festivals and Events

Music festivals, sporting events, classic automobiles, and even a Waterslide-athon fill the calendar from spring to fall Take advantage of the seasonal changes in fun-filled events in the Dells and join the people there

There seems to be a festival or event in Wisconsin Dells every month, every week, and every hour of every day (that last one may be a stretch) Plan your trip around our events or add something to your itinerary when you arrive Looking for Wisconsin Dells activities during your vacation?

We're clinging to the shared joy of music festivals

Iris Gottlieb is the artist responsible for the illustration in this post. For the past two weeks, we've been exploring the relationship between festival attire and music festival subcultures as part of our series on summer music festivals. People go to music festivals for many reasons, but one that we've ignored is the need to feel transformed by the joy they find there.

It appeared like the plague was abating and live music was returning to the scene earlier this summer. However, with the Delta variation soaring as we enter the fall, the future of live music is once again in doubt. Because of this uncertainty, we felt it would be a good idea to get nostalgic and remember the fantastic times we had at festivals, while also hoping for a brighter future for music festivals.